Save More Tomorrow: A guide to smarter saving

Described as a “trillion dollar book” in terms of social value, Shlomo Benartzi's book Save More Tomorrow shows how to save, save more, and save smarter.
\'Save More Tomorrow\' is the first comprehensive application of behavioral finance to improve .../ Credits: AGI Center for Behavioral Finance
America faces a retirement crisis. People aren't saving enough to ensure they have enough to live on in their old age, even though they say they want to save more.

Save More Tomorrow, launched on March 28 in New York, addresses the human behavioral challenges that led to the retirement crisis – inertia, limited self-control, fear of a shrinking wage packet, and myopia. Shlomo Benartzi’s book transforms them into behavioral solutions, such as asking employees to increase their future savings rate when they got their next pay raise so their current take-home pay stayed the same.

The Save More Tomorrow program developed by Benartzi and fellow behavioral finance expert Richard Thaler uses these solutions and has been taken up by more than half of the large employers in the United States. In its first implementation, the program helped boost the average participant's 401(k) pension plan savings rate from 3.5 percent to 13.6 percent in just 3.5 years (see graphic below).
Now similar programs are gaining momentum globally, including in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

“We have today a 401(k) retirement system that encourages colossal mistakes. These mistakes will surely be felt by Americans after they retire. Save More Tomorrow gives us a strong sense of reality about how people make errors with their retirement saving, and has truly creative plans to fix the problem. This is a trillion-dollar book in terms of the social-value it offers.” – Robert Shiller, professor of economics, Yale University; author of Irrational Exuberance and Finance and the Good Society.

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