The impact of earthquakes worldwide

Earthquakes strike suddenly without warning. But past earthquakes have taught us some lessons we can use to prepare for the worst. 

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joloj: 01.05.2014, 19:55

Earthquakes can cause a tsunami which could drown and/or destroy crops and plants nearby.

Viney: 01.11.2011, 07:41

You got to push it-this esnsetail info that is!

Hari Prakash Sharma: 29.10.2011, 09:57

the earthquakes are not Natural calamities but the punishment given by Nature to mankind for playing with it.
It is not the tectonic plates but thermocouples play a role in creating Tsunami, earthquake, tornado and drought etc. Till the geological community researches on thermocouple theory, the devastation and havoc will be created by all these calamities. I may be given a chance to [resent my papers on the subject.

Ashishsingh: 20.10.2011, 11:42

I Can learn so many things by it

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