The top 10 drivers of deforestation

Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change and environmental damage. See what is causing the gradual destruction of the world's woodlands.

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nike: 19.06.2015, 12:08

we should not cut trees because it can effect lives of animals, birds and even our also.

jim: 09.06.2015, 10:40

just came to be another comment

Joanne Wilson: 04.05.2015, 20:15

Heading out to Africa in a month to collect information for my thesis on the impacts certain agricultural practices of farmers have upon environmental degradation in Kenya - this page has come in very useful as it gives me a great insight to the issue of deforestation and will help me for my literature review - Thank you! :) Joanne

Phuong vu: 18.01.2015, 16:14

It is useful for my homework

Editor: 25.04.2014, 11:25

Thanks Tom for the feedback.

PS. I fear they will not.


tom: 24.04.2014, 13:57

this was very helpful thank you, it helped lots with my geography work from Tom Bushby

p.s. Liverpool are going to win the league

kpbachani: 29.07.2013, 15:42

That's all beating of the BUSH.
If humans chose a vegetarian diet and give up rearing and eating the grazing animals, then that much land can be directly used for forestation. And humans would require less than 10% of what these animals need to eat in order to live for man's food. This will also drastically reduce green house gases emission drastically and save water. Each kilogram of beef produced (rearing, butchering, processing, transport and storage) uses 50,000 liters of fresh water!!!!
Moreover we can easily cure the diseases caused by consuming vegetables if any but can not cure the cancers that are caused by consuming animal or poultry meat. Also cooking of meat uses more fuel than cooking of food grains and vegetables.
Anybody can understand these facts by using some common sense but its a pity that the Scientists have failed to acknowledge & accept this. If they do so, then they would be able to justify their roles of convincing the governments and people to act on it and conserve our planet.

safwan: 13.04.2012, 02:01

Check http://deforestation.co which has a few deforestation and environmental facts. The direct impact of loosing our trees is going to be devastating. We are basically in the injury time, if no action is implemented to save the trees then we will have no forests in about 15 years. Do you imagine the world without forests!

Climate change is possibly something connected to deforestation

Thilo Kunzemann (editor): 07.12.2009, 16:15

Dear Reader, these images have been purchased from Reuters, one of the world's most renowned news agencies. Please see the statement below from Reuters regarding your comment: "Accuracy and impartiality are central to our reporting and to everything Reuters represents. We distribute approximately 1,500 pictures per day, and these pass through rigorous editorial evaluation and selection to make it onto our wire. We stand behind the authenticity and accuracy of both the original photo and the additional image supplied online.�

Jacques Jangoux: 06.12.2009, 02:19

Hello, This is obviously a deceiving Photoshop montage. The trees have a shadow, the Indians don´t; the Indians are much more saturated than the rest of the image. Too bad a good website gets prey to a hoax. Best regrds, Jacques Jangoux

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