Top 20 megacities by population

A countdown of the 20 largest urban areas on the planet, according to the 2015 edition of Demographia's World Urban Areas index.

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lul: 19.05.2015, 01:30

sounds good ;)

Mi Madre: 11.11.2014, 06:26


Bob: 13.12.2013, 13:04

Metro Manila has nearly 25 Mio. as this website shows

CJBAB: 30.07.2012, 12:53

Where are London, Paris, and Istanbul?
London has over 14 million, Paris has 12,5 million and Istanbul's population is very close to 13 million!

Cardinalli: 27.06.2011, 09:20

@Loco Bebesi
Same idea. Where is Istanbul?

Raj Yadav: 04.05.2010, 16:21

This list does not contain Delhi Metropolitan Area which should be 7th or 8th in position. It has close to 18 Million population

Mahalia Traveller: 10.03.2010, 11:08

Isn't it important to include the city size as well? That would add to the congestion of the city...

Loco Bebesi: 09.10.2009, 12:09

You should have added Istanbul to your list as well. It has a population of over 10 million.

susan page: 02.05.2009, 01:08

No...that would be Jacksonville, FL

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