Michael Diekmann

A Word from our CEO

What is our corporate responsibility and why do we need to talk about responsibility in the first place? 
Michael Diekmann, CEO Allianz SE: \'With insight comes a responsibility to act.\'/ Credits: Allianz

Our business is to empower our customers to manage their risks and to find solutions for the challenges they face. These challenges are related to major global trends – demographic change, globalization and development, global warming, safety, and health.

By providing innovative solutions (i.e. loans, insurance and investments for clean technologies; microinsurance) for our customers we generate sustainable growth for our company. Both serving our customers and generating sustainable growth are our Corporate Responsibility.

A word from our CEO

„In today’s world, we are confronted with increasingly complex risks – climate change, cultural clashes and changing demographics, to name but a few. No single individual, no government, NGO or corporation can meet these challenges on its own. Only by joining together in a broad public discourse and by exchanging our ideas and expertise, can we meet global challenges together. With this insight comes a responsibility to act." (Michael Diekmann, Chief Executive Officer Allianz)
Allianz is a leading risk manager and provider of innovative solutions. We support global dialog and networking based on our expertise and commitment to act on demographic change, climate change, globalization and development, and safety.

We believe that everyone can contribute to make this world a better place. It is our business to create solutions serving this purpose. In the financial services industry this commitment is a pre-condition for innovation and for bottom-line and sustainable growth. We believe that risks always offer opportunities, but it takes a strong network of partners and a continuous dialog to make it work for all.

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John Galit: 29.05.2010, 09:32

Im interested to learn more about the topic as I was an NGOP worker for almost 10 years in the Philippines.